Member Benefits

Timely Updates on Issues that Affect the Industry

  • DGAC provides timely, concise and important updates to members on hazmat legislation, rules and policies that will affect daily operations.

  • Members receive e-mails, regulation summaries and other commentary on hazmat issues that keep them fully informed on the matters that affect their business.

  • The DGAC website’s Members-Only web page provides a place for members to comment, discuss, and form DGAC positions on these updates.

"I love the updates on proposed and new regulations."

"Keeps me up to date on regulatory changes and a mechanism for influencing the responsible agencies."

"Commenting on regulatory areas is an area of which my company has great interest."

Discounted Training Rates

  • Member employees are eligible for discounted rates on DGAC’s training courses.

  • Member companies receive a generous discount price on all in-house training courses.

"Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Training is benchmark for the industry."

DGAC Annual Conference

  • The DGAC Annual Conference brings together the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in one event.

  • The DGAC Annual Conference gives industry professionals an opportunity to meet and interact with the regulators on a personal level.

  • As a DGAC member, you would receive a discounted rate to attend and/or exhibit.

"The annual conference is a key source of regulatory information."

"Excellent opportunity to meet regulatory professionals."

Networking Opportunities

  • If you are responsible for dangerous goods/hazardous materials transportation within your company, knowledgeable contacts can be a valuable asset to you.

  • DGAC brings you the opportunity for interaction with peers and other experienced contacts in the industry through our conferences, workshops and training classes.

  • DGAC members include the industry leaders and decision-makers who are shaping the hazmat industry.  As a member of DGAC, you’ll be put in direct contact with the brightest and best of the dangerous goods community.

"The network contacts are invaluable in finding answers to difficult questions."

"[DGAC] Introduced me to the Dangerous Goods community.  These are contacts that have provided advice, counsel, assistance when needed."

"I came to the quarterly meeting with a question about road transport regulations and enforcement.  The membership brought their experience to the floor and quickly helped me gauge the risk."

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