DGAC 41st Annual Conference - Poster Session


DGAC 41st Annual Conference (Oct 28-30, 2019)

Whether you want to share your expertise and knowledge with your peers, or you are trying to increase exposure of your company and its products, creating a poster for display at DGAC’s 41st Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD  this October 28-30, 2019 reaches the other professionals that want to know! 

If you can create a power-point slide you can create a poster, it’s that EASY! Please just let us know if you plan to submit, so we can ensure we have enough poster stands reserved & ordered: KHebbel@DGAC.org

But, if you’re looking for some ideas, we can help. Find your industry group below, and check out these ideas:


  • Perhaps a poster regarding shippers’ errors, whether it lists the most humorous, or egregious, or the systems and efforts that go into successfully detecting and fixing those errors before they can cause safety issues later?
  • Perhaps a poster explaining, and maybe attempting to simplify, some of the complexities of global, multimodal, DG transport and preparation for transport or emergency response?


  • Perhaps a poster illustrating and explaining some of the less well- known complexities in programming software for all foreseeable permutations of material, origin, destination, mode(s), quantity, packaging, and temperature?
  • Perhaps a poster visually describing the various ways in which DG regulations worldwide provide transition times: when they are approved, when they are printed, when they can be used, when they must be used, or whether the date on the cover is all one needs to know?


  • Perhaps a poster displaying some of the issues that carriers can have with shippers, especially non-compliance or questionable compliance, and the variety of ways that carriers try to prevent or respond to them after they’ve occurred?
  • Perhaps a poster explaining how shipping documents and emergency response information are transferred from carrier to carrier, especially when a change in mode is involved and the shipment is global?


  • Perhaps a poster listing and explaining terms and tests that customers typically don’t understand, from ‘basis weight’ to ‘Cobb test’ to the difference between a ‘leak-proofness’ test and a ‘hydrostatic test’?
  • Perhaps a poster describing the process by which a new packaging is created, from brainstorming, concept, and mock-up through testing, approval, production, and re-certification?


  • Perhaps a poster on how to gather information about carriers, and other tips for finding, auditing, and keeping a high-quality DG carrier?
  • Perhaps a poster trying to explain some of the myriad ways that providing information in Section 14 of an SDS can be problematic?
  • Perhaps a poster that compares the various ways of getting Competent Authority Permission related to DG shipments, from Special Permits (exemptions) to Approvals (EX and otherwise) to Letters of Interpretation?


  • Perhaps a poster that compares audits versus assessments, especially the pros and cons of each?
  • Perhaps a poster that illustrates the positives and negatives of delivering training via webinar (or any other training delivery method that you happen to know a lot about)?

Need a different idea?  We’ll help, just ask:  gene@wetrainconsulting.com

You CAN do it!  You can be technical or be simple.  You can be fun/funny or be deadly serious.  You can use a few words or use a whole lotta words (and they won’t be graded for grammar, neither :)).  You can break new ground or display well-established principles.  You can state the obvious or start a revolution. 

There’s nothing to it, but to DO IT!

(Please, no blatant advertisements.  DGAC does reserve the right to not display any poster submitted,  that could be deemed inappropriate or possibly offensive). 


            Gene Sanders

            Poster Session Coordinator & proud DGAC member